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ค้นหาคุณครู ( Fixed Teacher)

  • Gigandet
    Gigandet 5pts

    Learning English is a tough one, but since it is the medium of communication in different nationalit...

  • Bubba
    Bubba 40pts

    Life is about sharing what you love, and I love teaching. Hello everyone! I'm Bubba, a bachelor's g...

  • Uzbek
    Uzbek 40pts

    Hi, I am Uzbek. I had been a private tutor to kids. My experience guarantees effective student learn...

  • Setias
    Setias 5pts

    Hello, everyone! I am Setias, an optimistic person who can provide you an effective learning environ...

  • Lonsdale
    Lonsdale 40pts

    Hello! I am Lonsdale, a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education from the University of Cebu. I ...

  • Blackwood
    Blackwood 40pts

    Hello, everyone! I'm happy to introduce myself to you! I'm Blackwood, a graduate of Bachelor of Seco...

  • Mordecai
    Mordecai 40pts

    Hello Everyone! My name is Mordecai. I have been teaching here since 2023. Just like you, I love le...

  • Mignani
    Mignani 40pts

    If I will tell you, you'll forget. If I teach you, you will remember. Involve me and You will learn....

  • Bonham
    Bonham 40pts

    Hello there! Interested to learn with me? I am Bonham, a graduate of Secondary Education at Bohol Is...

  • Etienne
    Etienne 5pts

    Good day! This is Teacher Etienne, a licensed professional teacher. I love to share my ideas, especi...



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