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ค้นหาคุณครู ( Fixed Teacher)

  • Porshella
    Porshella 40pts

    "Hello lovely learners ! I'm Porshella from the beautiful country of Philippines . I've been happil...

  • Rackzyn
    Rackzyn 40pts

    Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about. New languages give you opp...

  • Pecosa
    Pecosa 40pts

    Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning. Hello! I am teacher Pecosa and just lik...

  • Bahama
    Bahama 40pts

    Hello! I'm Teacher Bahama, a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education at Stratford International...

  • Labahow
    Labahow 40pts

    Hello! I'm Labahow. I'm a passer of the Licensure Examination for Teachers. During my spare time, I ...

  • Permafrost
    Permafrost 40pts

    Learning English is very important and fun like a rollercoaster rides. It is very useful in all area...

  • Midnight
    Midnight 40pts

    Hello! I am Teacher Midnight, a graduate of the Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English at ...

  • Kannoy
    Kannoy 40pts

    Hello! I'm Kannoy. I'm proud to be a teacher, making a difference in the lives of my students and sh...

  • Upfield
    Upfield 40pts

    "Hello! My name is Teacher Upfield. I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Forestry program a...

  • Dencio
    Dencio 40pts

    Hello, future learners! I'm Teacher Dencio, your guide on an exciting journey to master the English ...



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