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ค้นหาคุณครู ( Fixed Teacher)

  • Pitora
    Pitora 5pts

    Hello! I'm teacher Pitora, a Bachelor of Elementray Education graduate with a passion for teaching, ...

  • Siloma
    Siloma 5pts

    Hello, student. I am Teacher Siloma, a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English....

  • Expeda
    Expeda 5pts

    "Hello! I am Expeda, a passionate educator with a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education - Major i...

  • Dusker
    Dusker 5pts

    Hello everyone! I am Teacher Dusker, I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education...

  • Moment
    Moment 5pts

    Hello there! I am Moment, a dedicated, passionate, and friendly teacher. I hold a Bachelor's degree ...

  • Kidman
    Kidman 5pts

    "Hello! This is Kidman, a graduate of Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, majoring in Genera...

  • Rushmore
    Rushmore 5pts

    Hello, everyone! I am Rushmore, a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Educ...

  • Asazi
    Asazi 5pts

    "Hi, everyone! I'm Asazi, a licensed professional teacher with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Edu...

  • Novelty
    Novelty 5pts

    "Hello everyone! I am teacher Novelty. I graduated with a Bachelor of Elementary Education. I have a...

  • Fibula
    Fibula 5pts

    Hello everyone, I am Fibula, graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education. I love dancing, listening ...



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