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ค้นหาคุณครู ( Fixed Teacher)

  • Powder
    Powder 50pts

    I'm Powder, one of the teachers in QQ English. I took up Bachelor in Elementary Education from Visay...

  • Decastro
    Decastro 75pts

    Hello students! I'm Teacher Decastro . I am kind and witty. I love watching movies and reading books...

  • Caviyo
    Caviyo 60pts

    Hi! I am Teacher Caviyo. Welcome to QQ English. I am here to guide you in developing your skills in ...

  • Ashantee
    Ashantee 50pts

    Hello I am teacher Ashantee. I’m an Education graduate major in General Education. Teaching English ...

  • Mairee
    Mairee 70pts

    Hi everyone , I'm teacher Mairee. I love teaching a lot and I have the longest patience ever. I enjo...

  • Oprah
    Oprah 50pts

    Hi, my name is Oprah. I'm from Bohol Island State University, one of the top performing schools in t...

  • Jonavel
    Jonavel 50pts

    Hi everyone, I am Jonavel. I am a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education. I am highly motivate...

  • Charles
    Charles 60pts

    Hi, I'm Charles, a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education. The English language has always bee...

  • Pringles
    Pringles 60pts

    Hi! This is teacher Pringles of QQ English. I consider myself hardworking, dependable, helpful, orga...

  • Sola
    Sola 70pts

    Good day! My name is Sola. I am a graduate of ACT-IEF and I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education...



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