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ค้นหาคุณครู ( Fixed Teacher)

  • Bernthal
    Bernthal 50pts

    Hello, I'm Bernthal. I have been teaching here since 2023. I love adventures and reading different l...

  • Katyusha
    Katyusha 50pts

    Hi, everyone! My name is Katyusha. My hobbies are dancing, cooking, and singing. I believe that I ca...

  • Ghad
    Ghad 40pts

    Hello, everyone! I'm Ghad. I excel at working with kids and beginners, approaching teaching with pas...

  • Dhansoy
    Dhansoy 50pts

    Hi, good day everyone! I am Dhansoy, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies. I h...

  • Ernshaw
    Ernshaw 40pts

    Hello, my name is Ernshaw. I am 120 TEFL-certified. I have been teaching off-line and online classes...

  • Lithgow
    Lithgow 50pts

    Good day, student! I am Lithgow, a graduate with a bachelor's degree in English Language Studies as ...

  • Shekon
    Shekon 50pts

    The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great ...

  • Empleo
    Empleo 50pts

    Hello! I'm Empleo, a graduate of Bachelors in Secondary Education Major in English. Learning English...

  • Bermeda
    Bermeda 50pts

    Great day, everyone! Trust the magic of new beginnings. I am Bermeda. I obtained my degree of Bachel...

  • Caprio
    Caprio 50pts

    Hello! My name is Caprio. I've been an LSA (Learning Support Aide) in the Department of Education la...



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